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Violet Lily, formerly known as CG Interiors, is owned and operated by Julia Bailey. 


Julia is a self-proclaimed interior designer and stylist. Historically, her success was built on a lifelong passion for decorating and design and a keen eye for the unexpected. Modern day, it is propelled by a remarkable portfolio of clientele with whom she has transformed spaces with simplicity, elegance, and intent. Her commitment and devotion to the field is noteworthy. 


Julia is also a Registered Nurse with 10 years involvement in the field of Mental Health. Among the many things she’s learned in that time, is the impact that an individuals environment can have on their well being. She prides herself in creating spaces that are functional, meaningful, and inspiring. 


Of all of her accomplishments, however, her children are her greatest. A mother of two, Cohen and Chloe; Violet Lily represents the unwavering love of motherhood. Created when her first born was just three months old, this business serves as a reminder to follow where the heart yearns and let nothing lead you astray. 

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